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The Wisefund Finance Corp. (“WFC” for brevity) Data Privacy Statement (DPS) is issued in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), and its implementing rules and regulations. This statement intends to inform our customers and stakeholders of what and how their personal information including sensitive personal information is collected, used, retained, and disposed of. WFC reiterates the customer rights under the DPA as subjects of these data.


WFC treats customer privacy with utmost importance consistent to its fiduciary commitment to its clients. The company is committed to protecting your personal and account information from data corruption, compromise, or loss and ensuring information security. Information provided to us will be used only based on its purposes and instances that the law mandates.


WFC obtained various information from customers when doing business through different platforms which include your personal visit to our branches, interacting with our employees and representatives, availing of our loan products, downloading forms, filling out info from our website, interacting with our social media pages, and through traditional platforms such as e-mail and telecommunication devices.

Our website collects your personal information for lead generation purposes when you proceed to submit the forms which include your a.) name (first name and last name), 2.) e-mail address, 3.) mobile phone number, and other information that you will send as an attachment through the submission form of the website. Our system also records your IP address whenever you access our website.


We assure our customers that the personal information provided to us will be held strictly with confidentiality and will be used discretely to offer our products, respond to your needs, and in addressing your inquiries and concerns. This information, if necessary, shall involve sharing with the affiliates of Asialink Group of Companies and our accredited service providers.

Your personal information record is stored and protected in our files and databases in accordance with the retention, storage, and policies of WFC which is compliant with the applicable rules and regulations set forth by law.
We will disclose your information only when you allowed us through the disclosure agreements and any other documents that you have expressly authorized us to do in writing or when we are required by law.

The following security measures and confidentiality shall be strictly implemented to safeguard your personal information which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Personal information shall be stored in our database servers protected with a firewall
  • Personal information shall be stored in our database as long as necessary and in accordance with the retention period compliant with the applicable rules and regulations prescribed by law
  • Personal information shall be accessible only to authorized employees trained for handling such
  • Personal information printed in any form shall be stored in a vault or equivalent storage room with the utmost security in place to safeguard your data
  • Records of personal information shall be properly disposed of or destructed at the end of the established retention period.


WFC fully respects your rights to privacy as promulgated in the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 which include the following:

• Right to be informed of the personal information we collect and how we process them;
• Right to object to the processing of your personal data and/or withdraw your consent;
• Right to access or demand access to view everything that will happen to your personal data;
• Right to dispute and correct the inaccuracies or errors in our records of your data;
• Right to suspend or withdraw, order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal data from our systems;
• Right to file a complaint and receive compensation for any damages you have sustained;
• Right to obtain a copy of your personal information that we are processing.

For your queries, requests, or issues pertaining to this Privacy Statement, your personal information, or suspected breaches, you may visit any WFC branch/office most convenient for you. You may also get in touch with Wisefund Customer Service at 09672691981 or 09502386590. Feel free to send in your concerns to:
Wisefund Data Protection Officer
6F The Currency Bldg., Julia Vargas cor F. Ortigas Jr. Ave
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
e-mail address:

This Privacy Statement may be modified or amended in keeping with recent laws, rules, and regulations, the prevailing market environment, and recent technology without prior notice. We will keep you informed of such updates through the WFC website at