Terms and Conditions

I (We) confirm that –

1. All the statements, information and documents provided by me/us are true, correct and accurate.
2. The relevant consent has been secured from me/us by third party service providers in gathering relevant personal data and information relative to my/our application.
3. Any misrepresentation, falsity or omission of any kind shall be construed as an act to defraud Wisefund Finance Corporation and shall be a ground for the denial of my/our application, or if such application has already been granted, the cancellation or termination thereof, without prejudice to any and all civil and/or criminal liability that Wisefund Finance Corporation may pursue against me/us.
4. It is the sole prerogative of Wisefund Finance Corporation to grant or deny my/our application and should the same be denied, Wisefund Finance Corporation is in no obligation to provide me/us the reason for such denial, except as may otherwise be provided by law or competent authority.
5. Wisefund Finance Corporation may impose such reasonable terms, conditions or requirements as it may deem necessary or proper relative to my/our availment of any product, service, facility, channel or any other legitimate business purpose of Wisefund Finance Corporation.
6. I/We shall notify Wisefund Finance Corporation of any change in the information and documents provided by me/us.
7. I/We may receive updates, notices or announcements on my/our application and/or any of the products, services, facilities or channels via SMS/text, email, fax transmission, or such other means or modes of communication deemed appropriate by Wisefund Finance Corporation.
8. I/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions herein set forth governing the products, services, facilities or channels found at www. wisefundfinance.com and hereby expressly agree to the Terms and Conditions thereof.
9. The foregoing shall apply to all products, services, facilities, or channels of Wisefund Finance Corporation that I/we may avail of. Wisefund Finance Corporation hereby warrants to keep confidential all information and documents obtained from me/us relative to my/our application, accounts, transactions, credit relationships, credit facilities or other legitimate business purposes, except in so far as may be required by applicable laws and/or any government regulators or supervisory bodies.
10. I/We hereby agree to give my/our consent to Wisefund Finance Corporation, including its duly authorized representatives and agents to:
a. Collect, use, store, consolidate and process any and all information provided by me/us.
b. Outsource the processing of information to its duly authorized third party service providers, whether within or outside the Philippines.
c. Verify or validate my/our information with any government institutions, bureaus, agencies, offices or intrumentalities, as well as any court or tribunal.
d. Disclose and share my/our information to:
i. Wisefund Finance Corporation’s parent, subsidiaries, affiliates and related interests (the Asialink Group of Companies);
ii. Credit information, investigation companies and credit bureaus such as the Credit Information Corporation (CIC, RA 9510), consumer reporting and other similar entities; Any government institutions, bureaus, agencies, offices or intrumentalities, as well as any court or tribunal, as may be required by law or competent authority;
iii. Any potential transferee or assignee of Wisefund Finance Corporation’s rights and/or obligations under relevant contracts or agreements;
iv. Third party service providers, such as but not limited to credit investigators or collection agencies engaged by Wisefund Finance Corporation or by any member of the Asialink Group of Companies, or for use in marketing, promotions, networks, loyalty programs and joint venture partners and other relevant external parties, whether based within or outside the Philippines (collectively the “Relevant Parties”); and
v. Such other persons or entities that Wisefund Finance Corporation or any member of Asialink Group of Companies may deem necessary or appropriate to facilitate the corporation’s legitimate business purposes or those that may relate or arise therefrom, as and when the circumstances may warrant. The foregoing constitutes my/our express consent under the applicable confidentiality and data privacy laws of the Philippines and other jurisdiction and I/we hereby agree and consent to hold Wisefund Finance Corporation, the members of Asialink Group Companies, including the Relevant Parties, free from any and all liabilities, claims, damages and/or suits of whatever kind and nature, that may arise in connection with the implementation and compliance with the authorization conferred by me/us hereunder.